To help you with learning at home, we have built a ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ or VLE where you will be able to access a range of activities.  Each week we will provide you with tasks and resources including documents you can download, worksheets, videos, audio, online quizzes and interactive games. 

Each class has their own class page so your teacher can direct you to activities that are suitable for your year group and that link with your topic.  Within the VLE, you can even submit your work without needing to ask a parent to send an email. 

Our Virtual Learning Environment is in addition to the other learning support sites you currently have access to that include PurpleMash, TTRockStars and IDL. 

Please visit the VLE web site by following the link on this page.  Once you are there, make sure that you watch the short (5 minute) video on the home page.  It will show you how to log in and how best to access and use the resources.

As Mrs Beale mentioned in her post on April 19th,   “any work provided is there as a help – only if you need it.  There is absolutely no expectation that you need to complete everything that is offered.  We understand that all children are different.  Some children will race through their work, whilst others will find it very difficult.  We know that parents are also in different positions – some will be fortunate enough to be able to spend a lot of time with their children.  Others will be working from home, juggling to meet the demands of caring for their family/family members in these difficult times.”

Stay safe and take care.

Go to the VLE