We are proud of our school and it is required that your child wears the correct uniform for both lessons and PE.

All children are to wear school uniform all the time, unless otherwise advised.




(Summer Term & 1st half of Autumn Term:  April – October)


  • School polo t-shirt  (white with embroidered badge)
  • School Fleece jacket
  • School sweatshirt (with embroidered badge); or
  • Bottle green pullover (with embroidered badge);
  • Grey shorts or trousers;
  • Plain grey socks.


1st Option

  • Green or yellow check summer dress;

2nd Option

  • White polo t-shirt (with embroidered badge);
  • Grey skirt, shorts or trousers
  • School fleece jacket
  • School sweatshirt or bottle green cardigan (with embroidered badge)
  • Plain white socks.

White blouses are not part of school uniform. Yellow polo t-shirts are not part of school uniform


(2nd half of Autumn Term & Spring Term: November – March)


As Summer but plain grey trousers may be worn if parents prefer.


As Summer (2nd Option) but tights or long socks (in green or grey)

NB: During unseasonal weather the wearing of winter/summer uniform will be at the head teacher’s discretion.



ALL children are expected to wear low-heeled black school shoes to school in both summer and winter.  NO trainers, boots or fashion shoes are to be worn.

PE Kit

Children are to change for PE and games.
For PE in the hall the children wear a plain white T shirt and black shorts.
For outdoor PE and games, plain white T shirt and black shorts are required together with trainers.
Please bring a change of socks as well, especially for when the grass is wet.
During the winter time, plain black tracksuits may also be worn.

No other colours are acceptable.

Children who play football will only require football boots when playing for the school team. Shin pads, however, are an essential requirement when football boots are worn, for all players.

Football strips are not PE kit.
The PE kit should be available in school at all times during the week, preferably kept in a pump bag and only taken home for washing at weekends.

Please make sure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Hair, make up and nail varnish

Children with long hair will have it tied back while at school.
Pupils should not wear extreme hair fashions, which are designed to attract attention, including dyed or streaked hair, and styles such as spikes, asymmetrical shapes, and images of lines cut into the hair.  This list is not exhaustive, as fashions change.

Make up is not permitted to be worn by pupils in school without exception.

Nail varnish is not appropriate for school and is not permitted to be worn.


Only gold stud earrings are permitted, which have to be taken out or taped over for PE sessions, due to health and safety regulations.  Please cover the child’s earrings before school (or leave them out) if your child is in KS1 on PE days, or supply tape for your KS2 child.

We want students to focus on their learning, and to get on well with others in their classes and at social times.  We do not want to encourage an environment where students are competing in terms of their appearance.

You can find out more about where to purchase items of uniform on our Parent’s Area Uniform Shop page.  Please ensure when searching the MyClothing website for St Luke’s embroidered uniform, you add in the apostrophe or the website will say the account is not registered.

Uniform Shop

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